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Cardinal direction

A very important aspect is the cardinal direction where the glass extension will be situated:

  • If your intention is to place the conservatory in the southern direction, you will acquire a lot of light and sun energy, but it might be too hot during the warm season for you and for the plants. In summer the air temperature in the conservatory can reach up to +70oC. You will need to install a very good additional ventilation or air conditioning system, moreover, you will have to choose a special sun protective glass or even, if you plan to use the premise for arranging a green oasis, it will be advisable to use BRONZE polycarbonate sheets.
  • If you plan to construct your conservatory in the northern direction, the sunlight here will spread evenly and softly. Such kind of light will create a comfortable climate and prevent the plants from overheating. The owner of such a conservatory will also enjoy this peaceful and pleasant ambience.
  • If a conservatory is planned to face the eastern side, moderate warmth of the morning sun will remain in your conservatory up to late afternoon.
  • And finally, if you build your conservatory facing the western direction, the sunlight will come around in the late afternoon to cherish you after a long working day.