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Additional elements

A conservatory is not only a structure. In order to ensure the possibility to enjoy all benefits provided by a glazed construction, it is necessary to take account of all additional aspects depending on what we will do in the conservatory and for which purposes it will be designed.


To create a conservatory which would serve for a long time and cause no problems to its owner, it is very important to plan all steps of construction from the foundation up to interior design. A foundation which is made properly, correctly and in accordance with high quality standards is one of the most essential elements in construction of the whole conservatory. Before you plan to purchase a conservatory, you should definitely discuss the construction of proper foundation with our specialists, as it happens often that the foundation is constructed with wrong angles, has improper size etc., as a result, to use it for constructing a conservatory will be a very hard task. The design of the conservatory should be also matching with the main building style.


The next thing to be timely planned is heating. If your aim is to build a heated conservatory, heating will be a must. Heating is usually ensured by heated flooring or radiators which are linked to the heating system of the main building.


Regardless of the purpose of use of the glass extension, electricity is also an essential part of a conservatory. Places for installation of lighting elements, sockets must be planned in the beginning of the construction process. If planned in advance, wires can be hidden into the walls, flooring or profiles.

Climate control

The indoor climate mostly depends on temperature and air humidity. Air movement also plays a minor role. However in a conservatory you experience partly different climatic conditions due to the large glass surfaces. On the one hand, the difference of night and day temperature and seasonal changes of temperatures typical for our latitude causes extreme situation indoors in terms of the temperature and humidity. On the other hand, the reaction of a cold glass surface to higher air humidity is different from that of a plastered wall.

In order to ensure comfortable climate in your conservatory all year round, you have to install a climate control system. We will evaluate all factors and offer the most suitable solution.

Sun control

It is not only the climate to be controlled in your conservatory – sun control also plays an important role.

Natural shading – Plant enthusiasts will be definitely happy to use trees or shrubs as natural shading. It will be mostly leaf-bearing trees preventing from bright sunrays in summer and letting them through the bare branches in winter. However, if your conservatory is planned to face the South, this kind of shading will not be enough.

External shading – Mounting of the external shading system is usually rather simple. Fabric sun-blinds, vertical and horizontal blinds with automatic or manual control are used for shading conservatories.

Internal shading – Internal sun protection systems do not change the outer shape of the construction. Curtains, roller blinds or corrugated blinds, blinds with horizontal or vertical lamellae are used for shading premises from inside.

Shading system between glasses – This type of shading is also available. Producing the insulated glass units ordered, a blind is mounted between their glasses. This kind of shading has its benefits and drawbacks. You will never have to be concerned about the blinds getting dirty, however, as a result the service is more expensive and you will be able to change the design or colour of the blinds only by changing the glass unit.


To get full emotional enjoyment from the glass construction, a lot of efforts should be applied to create the interior design of the conservatory.

It is of course a personal choice of the owner of the conservatory, but it is advisable to discuss the most suitable colour, furniture and accessories with the interior expert. You should not choose bright wall colours if your conservatory is designed for a bedroom, or use cold tones if you plan to grow tropical plants.

The scenery you can watch through the transparent wall of the conservatory also plays the important role. The nature is not able to delight us with green meadows and blooming flowers all the year round. Evergreen trees of shrubs such as thujas, white cedars, evergreen rhododendrons etc will please your eyes also during gloomy season.


Real fans of the interior gardens would not be able to imagine a transparent space filled with light without plants.

If you have a large collection of various plants, you will need to equip your conservatory with an automatic climate control system. You should note that a long stay in the premises with high humidity level can cause discomfort. Excess humidity also damages the furniture and textiles, condensation accumulates on the walls and ceiling.

The most popular compositions in the interior gardens are formed by the plants from the Mediterranean region, Far East and desert plants.

When choosing your “green friends”, it is advisable to create interesting and attractive mixes of the different plant groups. The result will be more interesting if you combine trees and plants of various heights suitable to the height of the conservatory. A multishaped scenery can be formed if you add flowering plants among the green ones.

The most popular plants and shrubs are: palms, rubber trees, Chinese hibiscus, myrtles, oleanders, laurel, ficus, lemon tree, various species of cactuses etc. Flowering plants: calla, Strelitzia, “Angel’s trumpet” etc.

Planting should be done very carefully, so that you and your plants feel well. Before you buy the plants, consult a competent expert specializing in tending of indoor plants and creating of indoor gardens.